Help shape the vision and goals for Elizabethtown!

Since the public meeting in August, the Steering Committee, City staff, and consultants have been working to shape the ideas and issues that were voiced by the community into a vision and set of goals which will guide the City’s growth into the future. These are based on input from the public meeting, online survey, mobile display board, meetings-in-a-box , online comments, youth engagement, and steering committee meetings.

Based on community input, four main themes were identified: Sustainable Growth, A Strong Legacy, Healthy Lifestyles, and Active Commerce. These themes were broken down into goals which will work to bolster Elizabethtown’s challenged areas and further reinforce the city’s strengths.

These goals and objectives are not yet set in stone. Public input is important throughout all stages of the comprehensive planning process, which means you can help shape and refine Elizabethtown’s goals for the future. After reading though the Themes, Vision Statement, and Goals below, please let us know your comments on what you like, dislike, or think needs to be a priority! Your input is needed to help ensure this plan is the best fit for the future of Elizabethtown! Comments can be submitted on the Contact Us tab, contacting Jim Shaw at Elizabethtown Planning & Development, or attending the November 21st Public Open House.

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