About the Plan

what is a comprehensive plan?

The Envision Elizabethtown 2040 Comprehensive Plan began in May of 2019 and will be developed over the course of approximately 13 months. The final plan will examine future possibilities and establish a defined direction or vision for the community. When adopted, it will serve as the official roadmap, guiding development and growth in Elizabethtown.

Envision Elizabethtown will not only examine land use policy and objectives, it will include a broad view of Elizabethtown including transportation, community facilities, utilities & infrastructure, parks, environmental assets, downtown, quality of life, and more. The goal of this plan is to make a positive vision of the community by planning and creating change and growth versus reacting to change.

How to stay involved

There are many ways to get involved and provide input during the planning process.

  1. Follow the project website (www.envisionetown.com) and the City’s Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/ cityofelizabethtown)
  2. Attend public workshops or meetings ( Project Meetings )
  3. Complete the online surveys on the project website (Online Survey)
  4. Submit additional ideas on the project website (Contact Us) or Facebook page
  5. Participate in the interactive informational display
  6. Hold a “Meeting in a Box” at your organization’s meeting or with any smaller group (Project Meetings)

Planning Process

The Envision Elizabethtown plan is organized into 3 phases: Existing Conditions & Visioning, Strategic Planning, and Implementation. Throughout the planning process, various community outreach and public input opportunities will help direct the vision and recommendations for the future of Elizabethtown. The planning process, illustrated below, includes milestones that will be vetted through the Steering Committee and public.

Plan elements

The Envision Elizabethtown 2040 Comprehensive Plan will cover a variety of topics in Elizabethtown that ENVISION the overall quality of life. It is anticipated that the comprehensive plan will provide ideas and recommendations for the topics: